Should You Get Tummy Tuck Surgery After Major Weight Loss?

25 September 2020
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Getting rid of excess weight isn't easy for most people. It takes time, commitment, and dedication to a weight loss plan that typically involves calorie cutting and exercise. However, while unfortunate, many people who are successful in achieving their weight loss goals still won't be happy with the way that their body looks because of excess skin. If you're worried about this or are already dealing with excess skin on your belly due to weight loss, here's what you should know about tummy tuck surgery. Read More 

Mommy Makeovers: Plastic Surgery For Your Life After Babies

16 July 2020
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Most women will tell you that having children is not for the faint of heart. Not only is it emotionally challenging, but the process of being pregnant and delivering a baby can cause serious damage to your body. For years after childbirth, you will cherish your little ones, but you may also be paying for them physically for years to come. Some people struggle with complications from delivery for the rest of their lives. Read More 

Three Good Reasons To Have Overly Large Breasts Reduced In Size

5 May 2020
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Large breasts are seen as desirable by many, but that doesn't mean that it's easy to have them. Large breasts can actually cause a lot of problems for women, and if you're going through difficulties like the following three, you might consider talking to a surgeon about having them reduced in size. Here are some of the issues you may be facing or could end up facing if you don't undergo surgery. Read More 

Is Loose Skin Keeping You From Meeting Your Goals?

12 February 2020
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Losing weight is a great thing for most people to do, assuming that you started out at an unhealthy high weight. But sometimes losing that weight comes with unwanted consequences, like loose skin. If you've been bothered by your loose skin but have just dismissed it as a fact of life and something you have to put up with, you might want to know that's not really the case. There's something you can do about it and you probably should, as that loose skin could cause problems for you. Read More 

The Advantages Of Saline Implants

17 December 2019
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When you're choosing breast implants, you have a few choices available to you when it comes to things like size and shape. Another choice you'll need to make is whether to pick silicone or saline implants. If you're interested in what saline implants have to offer you, then read this simple guide to find out about some of their biggest advantages. Nontoxic While it is rare, if a breast implant filled with saline were to burst, there would be no danger to your health. Read More