4 Health Conditions Easily Treated Using Botox Injections At The Med Spa

13 May 2015
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As you plan to go on another trip to the medical spa, you might have your sights set on renewed skin and a rejuvenated spirit. The services you receive at the spa, however, can go a long way in treating other ailments as well. Botox injections, in particular, aid in the treatment of health conditions ranging from depression and headaches to muscle spasms and excessive sweating. Read on to see how these injections can set you on the path of healing once and for all.

Depression Alleviation

The idea of facial feedback controlling disordered brainwaves inspired doctors to begin treating depression with Botox. When injected beneath the skin, the active medications in Botox temporarily paralyze the muscles around the injection site. Paralyzing the muscles between the eyebrows prevents the downward turn that occurs when someone feels sad, angry or otherwise upset.

Furthermore, the medication prevents the nerves from sending impulses to the brain that may trigger or worsen negative thought patterns or moods associated with chronic depression. Patients with severe depression noted immediate, lasting improvement in their symptoms after receiving the forehead injections.

Migraine Elimination

Although doctors cannot always pinpoint the main cause of their patient's migraines, tense muscles in the head and neck are thought to contribute to the rising pain levels. Patients suffering from migraines frequently experience a rapid worsening of the pain that only subsides after hours of waiting in a dark, quiet room.

Injecting Botox at seven vital points along the patient's head and neck can prevent the development of most episodes and lessen the duration and severity of breakthrough migraines. Each set of injections lasts up to three months before patients must return to the med spa for another round of treatment.

Spasm Reduction

Painful conditions that cause uncontrollable muscle spasms can severely impact patient's lives by hindering mobility and causing great pain. Patients may not appreciate the way muscle relaxants potentially inhibit clear thoughts or worsen joint pain.

To find relief without taking medications, patients are turning to Botox injections to stop the muscle spasms in their tracks. The injections only work for patients suffering from muscle spasms in a specific, limited area. Before administering the medication, care providers carefully pinpoint the affected muscle groups using electrical impulses sent through the needle. The injections paralyze the overactive muscles to halt the contractions at once. The spasm preventive effects of each injection tend to last up to six months at a time.

Sweat Minimization

Patients suffering from hyperhydrosis sweat uncontrollably throughout the day and night. This condition causes patients to develop itchy, painful rashes, acne breakouts, self-confidence issues, increased body odor and fungal infections. Luckily, patients can end the constant sweating by having a med spa practitioner inject Botox around the affected areas.

Depending on the treatment location, patients have experienced a 90% improvement in their normal sweat production rate. During the treatment process, care professionals must watch for asymmetrical application of the active ingredients. If the medication does not spread properly through the targeted area, the patient could still suffer from excessive sweating on just one side. Patients can have additional injections placed at that location to solve this temporary issue, however.

Starting The Treatment Process

Your treatment provider will determine the best injection points for the Botox depending on the medical conditions you're interested in attempting to treat. You may need to go through several injection sessions to see if the treatment helps reduce symptoms caused by those conditions. If so, you can continue obtaining the Botox injections on a regular basis as your main form of symptom management. You may combine the Botox treatments with other services available from a med spa like Vitality Natural Wellness and Medspa, including massage, in an effort to achieve total wellness of your body and mind.