Semi-Permanent Eyeliner: Preparation And Aftercare

22 August 2017
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Semi-permanent makeup is a great way to cut down on the time it takes you to get ready and ensures your look is always flawless. This is particularly true for eyeliner since it can be tricky to get just right on the first application. Professionals who use semi-permanent techniques typically use pigments that last a few years and are gentler on your skin than permanent makeup tattoos. But like permanent makeup, you'll need to prepare your skin and care for it gently after the procedure to get the best results:


It's important to be extra gentle with your eyes for at least 24 hours prior to semi-permanent eyeliner application. Avoid wearing heavy makeup you'll have to scrub off and choose glasses over contacts if you wear them. Don't curl or perm your lashes and make it a cosmetics-free day on the day of your appointment.

Check with your eye doctor if you have any special visual concerns, or if you've recently had any surgery in or around your eye area to make sure you're healed well enough to have semi-permanent makeup applied. Bring sunglasses with UV-protective lenses to your appointment. You may find your eyes are more sensitive to sunlight for a day or two after your procedure.


Most semi-permanent makeup procedures, including eyeliner application, don't leave you with deep wounds or scabs that last for a week or longer like some permanent procedures do. Still, it's vital that you keep the area clean and protected during the healing process to reduce the risk of infection. Your eyelids have some of the thinnest and most sensitive skin on your body, so you may notice redness, tenderness and minor swelling for a few days after your appointment.

Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes and put any normal eye makeup products you typically use on the shelf for a few days to prevent further irritation. A cool wet rag can help soothe any discomfort and swelling.

Use a mild face wash with a clean cotton pad to wash your lids and around your eyes several times a day. Your makeup artist will recommend a healing ointment to keep the area protected and moist to promote healing. Keep petroleum jelly and scented or medicated moisturizers away from your eye area until you're completely healed.

Don't pick at any flakes or small scabs -- they'll fall off on their own when they're ready. Avoid swimming in lakes or chlorinated pools for at least a week to minimize irritation.

Talk to your artist about any specific preparation and aftercare steps he or she recommends. Ask about his or experience with applying semi-permanent eyeliner, what pigments and techniques he or she uses, and look through before and after photos of his or her work to help you decide which professional and which look you want.