Are You Ready For A Daddy Makeover? 3 Tips To Prep For Your Coolsculpting Procedure

26 March 2018
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Since you've become a father, you've been more active, and staying healthy for your little one has served as motivation to get in shape. However, you've recently noticed that all those hours in the gym or jogging your favorite trails are just not doing enough to make your loved handles go away. Unfortunately, certain parts of the body do not respond as well to exercise as others, and you've made the decision to get a little help to achieve a lean, more athletic look. You can use these tips to prep for your CoolSculpting procedure so that you can get the most out of your upcoming daddy makeover.

Stop Taking Anti-Inflammatory Medications

As with any cosmetic procedure, you should always consult with your physician first to make sure that it will not irritate any current health issues. However, most people will be advised to stop taking anti-inflammatory medications before the procedure. This simply helps to minimize some of the bruising that can occur from the pressure generated by the vacuum effect used during the procedure.

Take Pictures of Your Progress

CoolSculpting is an effective way to reduce the appearance of fat around your middle. However, it does take time to notice the full effect. Make sure to take a before picture that you can refer back to as time goes by. Then, take a photo each week until you reach the point of your maximum results. Seeing these photos side by side helps you realize what a difference the procedure makes, and you can use these photos as a guide to determine if you need a second treatment.

Bring Something to Keep You Busy

On average, you should expect the procedure to last about an hour per each area of your body that is being treated. For love handles, this could mean that your procedure could last several hours since it involves both sides of your body. Bring some activities to keep you busy. For instance, you may enjoy watching a movie, responding to emails or getting some work done on your laptop. Having a few things to do on hand helps the time to pass by easier.

Today, mommy makeovers often get a lot of attention, but dads can also get in on the action. Since CoolSculpting is designed to help boost the results of your healthy lifestyle, you can enjoy watching as your body is transformed into one that you'll be proud to continue to improve.