How To Select Areas Of Liposuction

21 October 2018
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When choosing to get liposuction it is important to understand that most doctors perform the procedure in areas. The patient and the doctor together will pick the areas of liposuction prior to the procedure. Liposuction will remove the fat that is sitting directly underneath the skin in this area. Those who have trouble losing fat in these areas will find liposuction to be a procedure that permanently removes the stubborn fat cells. If you are not sure how to select the right areas for lipo, here are some ways to determine where you want liposuction. 

Figure out where you lose weight last

One of the best ways to figure out where liposuction will help best is to determine where you lose weight last. For some, this is the arms while for others this can be the tummy or the love handles. Even with dieting and exercise, there are places where the weight will not come off as easily. Have your doctor examine these areas and determine how the fat deposits sit. If there are fat deposits right under the skin in these areas, you should select these as the areas for smart lipo. 

Determine what area needs less toning

One of the problems that can happen with liposuction is the skin becoming saggy because the area needs more muscle tone. Often, people may not have muscle tone in areas with thin skin, such as the inner thighs or the arms. If lipo is used in these areas, the skin can hang off the body and the result will be a need for skin removal surgery. When going over the areas of your body that you desire to enhance with smart lipo, be sure to talk about the muscle tone in each area with your doctor. If you need more muscle in an area in order to the skin to regain its elasticity and reattach, skip this area for liposuction. 

Find out which areas will be most visible changes

Getting liposuction then not seeing much in the way of results can be a let-down and decrease self-esteem. Some areas of your particular build may not appear to be smaller, even with the work of liposuction. If the fat pockets are not too visible or if the area is too large to cover in one treatment of smart lipo, you may want to go without this area. Small areas that can make a big different like the lower stomach or the chin are good areas for smart lipo, as these results will be apparent immediately.