Three Good Reasons To Have Overly Large Breasts Reduced In Size

5 May 2020
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Large breasts are seen as desirable by many, but that doesn't mean that it's easy to have them. Large breasts can actually cause a lot of problems for women, and if you're going through difficulties like the following three, you might consider talking to a surgeon about having them reduced in size. Here are some of the issues you may be facing or could end up facing if you don't undergo surgery.

Clothes Don't Fit Right

It seems like a simple problem, but it really isn't; large breasts make it difficult to find clothes that fit correctly. Whether you're carrying extra weight or slim, you may find that you need oversized clothes in order to fit your chest. This can make it difficult to look professional when you need to, and it limits your selection in the first place. Certain types of clothing are also difficult for women with large chests to pull off, like button-up tops that tend to pull apart due to tension in the chest area.


Pain is a huge problem for women with large breasts. Having several pounds anchored to the front of your chest means that your back, neck, and shoulders can all suffer strain in an attempt to maintain proper posture. This problem is likely to only get worse when you try to do things like exercise or be active because the movement of your breasts will likely worsen the strain on your muscles and tendons.

While a good sports bra can help with this, it isn't likely to completely annihilate your pain. 

Breathing Problems

Having extra weight on the chest, regardless of the reason, puts strain on the lungs. It makes it harder to breathe, even if the results are seemingly minimal at first. However, when you're trying to do something like exercise or are struggling with a health condition like an upper respiratory infection, that extra weight can truly become dangerous. It's literally pressing down on your chest and making it so that your muscles and lungs have to work harder to fully inhale, which is something that no one should have to go through.

With problems like these, it's understandable why so many full-busted women undergo surgery to have their breast size reduced. This surgery can help to turn your life around and make your days more comfortable and convenient. If you're tired of dealing with the extra weight, contact a breast reduction surgeon for help.