Advantages Of A Breast Lift And How To Recover From It

7 June 2021
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A breast lift is a popular procedure among women that aims to lift sagging breasts. The surgery takes about three and a half hours to complete and involves removing excess skin from the breasts. If you are thinking about undergoing this procedure, it is important to find an experienced surgeon.

Here are some advantages of a breast lift and how to recover from it.

Achieve Perkier Breasts

Whether due to pregnancy or weight loss, sagging breasts can make you look older. Just like the name suggests, a breast lift lifts your breasts, helping them look perkier. Rounder and perkier breasts will give you a much more youthful appearance.

Look Better in Clothes

If you have sagging breasts, you might not feel comfortable wearing certain types of clothes, such as dresses with plunging necklines. This can severely limit your clothing options. If you undergo a breast lift, many more clothing styles will look flattering on your figure.

Boost Self-Esteem

If your breasts have lost volume over the years, it may have taken a toll on your self-esteem. You may feel embarrassed about the way you look and even have trouble maintaining romantic relationships. By getting a breast lift, you can improve the appearance of your breasts and feel a lot better about yourself.

Improve Nipple Projection

When you have sagging breasts, your nipples may point downward. Fortunately, a breast lift can also improve the appearance of your nipples. After the procedure, your nipples will project forward.

How Do You Recover From a Breast Lift?

Just like other surgical procedures, a breast lift requires a recovery period. Here are a few helpful tips to successfully recover from the procedure.

  • Wear a supportive bra without underwire for a few weeks so that your wound can properly heal.
  • Avoid strenuous activities, such as heavy lifting, for a few weeks.
  • Ask a family member or friend to help you with basic tasks, such as bathing and preparing meals, for a few days after your breast lift.
  • Eat a nutritious diet to speed up the breast list recovery process. Foods like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fish will properly nourish your body.

If you want to have a breast lift, you should schedule a consultation with a skilled plastic surgeon soon. They will answer all of your questions and determine if you are a good candidate for this kind of procedure. Contact a clinic for more informaiton.