Benefits Of SmartLipo Surgery

1 December 2021
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SmartLipo surgery entails using medical-grade lasers to eliminate excess fat from a targeted area and tighten the loose skin. The laser penetrates the skin to the targeted fat layer and produces heat that melts the fat. Then, your body eliminates the melted fat naturally. Therefore, consider SmartLipo surgery if you're struggling to lose excess fat in stubborn parts like the thighs and belly. Here are the pros of SmartLipo.

Eliminates Scarring Risks 

Unlike traditional liposuction, where doctors penetrate a large cannula in your body, SmartLipo uses a smaller cannula. Therefore, your surgeon makes smaller incisions in your body. These incisions heal to form small scars that are less noticeable. With reduced scarring, the procedure gives better aesthetic results than traditional lipo, where doctors make larger incisions that result in larger scars.

Provides Improved Aesthetic Results

SmartLipo surgery is effective for eliminating fat in stubborn areas. Hence, you will notice the changes a few weeks post-surgery after the body swelling goes down. Also, doctors can use the procedure to achieve body contouring. This way, you can achieve your desired body shape. However, understand that you may need to exercise or diet to avoid regaining the fat fast. That's because your doctor may not recommend a repeat procedure until after several months.

Provides a Less-Invasive Body Fat Elimination Solution

SmartLipo is less invasive than traditional liposuction, an invasive procedure that uses a cannula to suction body fat from the problematic areas. Invasive procedures expose you to risks such as excessive bleeding and bruising. In contrast, SmartLipo utilizes laser heat to liquify body fat, and the body expels the fat naturally, making the surgery less risky. In this regard, you're less likely to experience complications with this procedure.

Reduces Cellulite and Sagging Skin

Traditional liposuction surgery usually leaves behind sagging skin that may look unattractive. Fortunately, SmartLipo gets rid of cellulite and tightens the sagging skin. The laser produces heat which stimulates the body to release collagen that naturally rejuvenates the skin.

Provides a Shorter Recovery Downtime

SmartLipo is less invasive and has a faster recovery time. The surgery may result in swelling, pain, or discomfort that your body may recover from within a few weeks. However, the healing period depends on different factors, including your age and body type. For instance, older patients take longer to recover from SmartLipo than younger patients.

SmartLipo surgery is less-invasive, eliminates scarring risks, provides improved aesthetic results, reduces cellulite and sagging skin, and provides a short recovery downtime. Consider undergoing SmartLipo to enjoy these benefits.

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