Surprising Ways That A Breast Reduction Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

6 January 2022
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Most people are familiar with breast augmentation, which is the surgical insertion of implants. However, you should also know that breast reduction is just as viable a cosmetic procedure as implant surgery is. According to beauty standards, bigger may seem better, but for some women who have large breasts, these body parts become a daily burden they have to contend with. It is also worth noting that breast reduction surgery is not solely provided to women.

Men who develop enlarged breast tissue, medically referred to as gynecomastia, can also seek breast reduction services to restore their masculine appearance. However, scheduling breast reduction surgery is not exclusively about changing your look. Some people could be astonished to learn that this cosmetic procedure offers multiple health benefits too. Here are some surprising ways that breast reduction surgery can improve your quality of life. 

A breast reduction can reduce skin irritations

One drawback of having large breasts that not many people talk about is the incessant skin irritations that one has to deal with, which can make their day-to-day life extremely uncomfortable. The large size of the breasts means that they can droop to the stomach, causing friction between the underside of the breasts and the skin of your stomach. The more friction experienced, the more inflamed the skin becomes, and this can make clothes feel irritating.

The summer months worsen the discomfort because large breasts can trap heat around your torso. The heat coupled with humid weather will cause rashes that are not only itchy but can be painful too. If you are tired of having to constantly apply talcum powder or ointments on your chest, you may want to opt for breast reduction surgery. This cosmetic procedure prevents your beasts from compressing your chest and rubbing against your skin, which reduces the occurrence of skin irritations.

A breast reduction can reduce chronic pain

Another typical complaint that large-breasted individuals battle with frequently is chronic backache and neck pain. Some people presume that breasts are lightweight since they comprise fatty tissue. And although all breasts do have a degree of fatty tissue, some breasts have more dense tissue than the fatty type.

Dense tissue makes these body parts extremely heavy, so people with large breasts feel like they are carrying a cumbersome load on their chest day and night. This increased weight on their chest causes spinal misalignment and alters their center of gravity, which stains the neck and back. Breast reduction surgery is the best way to permanently eliminate this discomfort and improve your quality of life.