What Should You Do If You Have Both Light And Dark Hair To Remove?

15 August 2022
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Removing excess body hair can be simple once you have a strategy in place. For many people, determining the strategy itself is simple because they have mainly one color of hair and one type, such as coarse. For people with a more varied body-hair pattern, figuring out what to do requires seeing a professional to set up a plan. Laser hair removal should be a part of your plan if you have darker, coarser body hair, but even if you have lighter hair, you'd do well to speak with a laser hair removal clinic first, for a number of reasons.

Laser Hair Removal Targets the Dark Hairs

Laser hair removal targets hairs that are darker or coarser. That doesn't mean that if you have light-brown hair you shouldn't consider laser removal. The technique can handle a range of hair colors and types. The issue is that the dividing line between "working" and "not working" for the hair to be removed varies for everyone, and you're best off checking about laser hair removal first because it can be done comparatively quickly.

Off to a Quick Start With Laser Hair Removal

Unless absolutely all of the hair you need to remove is very fine, almost colorless peach fuzz, chances are lasers will work on at least some of the hair. If you start with this technique, then you take care of much of that hair quickly in the first appointment. This makes it easier to deal with the leftover hair by:

  • Clearing out the darker hair so that it's easier to see the lighter hair for, say, electrolysis
  • Letting you know quickly if there are darker hairs that aren't responding to the lasers (so you can either try a different strength of laser or leave those hairs for your next electrolysis appointment)

Work out a Plan With Your Clinician

It may be possible to combine treatments if you can work out a schedule that minimizes the risk of irritation. For example, maybe you go in one week for a laser hair removal treatment, and then the next week, you go in for electrolysis. Then, in a month or two, you go back for a second laser treatment (as not all hairs will respond to only one laser treatment; this is normal), and a couple of weeks later go in for more electrolysis if you still have lighter hairs growing in. Repeat as needed until you've removed enough hair permanently to satisfy your cosmetic goals.

Contact a professional for more information about laser hair removal