Radiofrequency Treatments With Microneedling Could Reverse Some Signs Of Aging And Sun Damage

26 September 2022
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If you're looking for a cosmetic treatment that fights the signs of aging and sun damage, then you might want to know about radiofrequency treatments combined with microneedling. These two types of treatments can be done by themselves, but some devices can deliver both treatments at once. Here's how RF with microneedling works and what you might expect after the treatment.

A Handheld Device Delivers The Treatment  

The doctor uses a small handheld device to deliver the treatment. The end of the device has needles that puncture your skin at the same time radiofrequency waves deliver heat. Since this could be painful, the doctor applies numbing cream first. If you're squeamish about pain, they might also give you nitrous oxide gas to inhale or oral sedation so you're comfortable.

This type of cosmetic skin treatment can be done on many parts of your body, but the neck and face are common areas. Other areas you may want this treatment include your legs, back, buttocks, stomach, and underarms. Any place you have loose skin, wrinkles, or skin discoloration from sun damage may be suitable for microneedling with RF.

The Treatment Has Immediate And Delayed Results

This type of cosmetic treatment gives you the benefits of both microneedling trauma and deep heat from radiofrequency waves. The damage from the needles and heat causes collagen to be produced which makes your skin thicker, more elastic, and younger looking due to diminished wrinkles and skin tightening.

The treatment can also remodel your skin to diminish scars and eliminate discoloration. You should notice an effect right away after a single treatment. However, the full effect could take weeks or months. That's because you might need multiple treatments and it takes collagen time to build up and have an effect on your skin.

Recovery Only Takes A Couple Of Days

After the treatment, your skin will probably be red and a little swollen. Your doctor probably won't want you to use makeup for a couple of days, so you may need to take some days off from work. The needles leave tiny holes in your skin that allows serums to be absorbed much more deeply, so your doctor may advise you to apply serums or skin treatments during your recovery to speed recovery and to get the most benefit from the serums.

This cosmetic treatment doesn't stop your skin from aging, so you'll probably start losing collagen again at some point. To maintain your youthful look, you'll probably need maintenance treatments when indicated. The frequency of those treatments depends on your skin and how well you care for it by staying out of the sun and using quality skin care products that fight aging.

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