Common Reasons Why Some People Undergo Plastic Surgery

31 May 2022
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There are many kinds of plastic surgeries and even more reasons why people decide to have plastic surgery done. The information you will read here will cover some of the reasons a person may decide to have plastic surgery. Here's more on this topic for you to review:  Plastic surgery can help with injury scarring  Plastic surgery can help correct scarring that has been left behind by an injury that a person endured. Read More 

Lesser-Known Signs Of Skin Cancer

25 April 2022
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If you develop a new, oddly shaped mole or growth, then of course you know you should see the dermatologist about potential skin cancer. But sometimes the signs of skin cancer are not as obvious or clear. Here are some lesser-known signs that should prompt you to make an appointment with a dermatologist. Wounds that won't heal Do you have a sore on your skin that seems to linger, and not heal, week after week? Read More 

Did You Quit Smoking, And Fine Lines And Wrinkles Were Left Behind? 2 Treatment Options

8 March 2022
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It is a fact that smoking causes wrinkles to appear on your face. If you have quit smoking, then this will not only help prevent more wrinkles from appearing, it will also offer health benefits. Fortunately, when it comes to wrinkles, you have many options to help diminish them or make them go away completely. Below is information about two of these treatment options you can choose from.  Botox Treatment One option is getting a Botox treatment from a dermatologist. Read More 

Is Botox a Good Choice? Don’t Believe the Myths

8 February 2022
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While Botox may be extremely popular, you may be surprised at how much information about Botox is actually misinformation. There are actually many reasons why Botox can get a bad wrap, but the truth is that this treatment option offers many benefits. So, which "facts" are actually myths? This guide will help you parse out the truth about Botox so you can make the right choice for your skin. False: Botox Has Serious Long-Term Effects Read More 

Surprising Ways That A Breast Reduction Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

6 January 2022
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Most people are familiar with breast augmentation, which is the surgical insertion of implants. However, you should also know that breast reduction is just as viable a cosmetic procedure as implant surgery is. According to beauty standards, bigger may seem better, but for some women who have large breasts, these body parts become a daily burden they have to contend with. It is also worth noting that breast reduction surgery is not solely provided to women. Read More